Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Everyone else is doing it....

There are several things that I've said that I would never do, such as having kids, being a stay-at-home mom and scrapbooking. But, everyone knows how those "nevers" have gone. Well, I think I will just give this blog thing a try and see if any of my thoughts might change the world......haha.

Tonight, Jamison and I were playing and he fell and hit his head on the chair which left a red spot and bump. Later I was loving on him and I said "we really did a number on your head Buddy." He replied, "what number is is?" He is so funny and takes everything so literally.

Jackson is dying to make a necklace for his teacher for Christmas. He is a very giving little boy. We are trying to drive home the 'tis better to give than receive with our boys, especially at this time of year.

Until next time.....

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